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Below are pictures of leashes and collars I have designed for my customers. All leather is cut on the bias and beveled for a strong lead with a smooth feel. A center core is added to eliminate stretching.


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Click on any image for a larger view of that particular lead/collar.


Different colors and thickness

Black & White Lead
Length: 4 ft. / Thickness 1/4 inch
2" chome plated snap

Saddle Tan Lead
Length: 42"/ Width: 1/4 inch
Chrome snap: 1 3/4 inch

Bronze & Gold Lead
Length: 30" Thickness: 1/4 inch
2 1/4 inch solid brass snap

Hazel,Natural & White Lead
Length: 4 feet/ Width: 1/4 inch
Brass Snap - 1 3/4 inch

Hazel,Natural & White Collar
Size : 22 inch / Width: 1/4 inch
Welded Brass Rings: 5/8 inch inside diameter

Dark Brown & Brandy Slip Lead w/Collar Attached
Lead length: 36 inches / Thickness : approx 1/8 inch
collar length: 18 inches

Dark Brown Lead
Length: 30"/Width: 3/16 inch
Brass snap: 1 3/4 inch

Red, White & Blue Lead
Length: 5 ft. / Width 1/2 inch
Brass snap: 2 1/4 inch

Black & White Show Lead w/Jewelry Choker
Lead length: 42" / Thickness : approx. 1/8 inch
Please order chain choker seperately through and send to me for completion of your lead.

Silver & Red Lead
Length: 42" / Thickness: approx. 1/8 inch
1 3/4 inch chrome snap

White "No Hardware" Lead
Length 42" / Thickness: approx 1/8 inch

Navy Blue and Natural Walking Lead
Length: 5 ft. / Thickness: approx. 5/8 "
Made with 6 strands of leather Lace

Martingale Collar w/leather Chin Gaurd


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